Some attributes
First Katrina Jones
Second Age: 30-31
Third Alive
Other attributes
Fourth Human( The Original)
Fifth Mother of 3
 Katrina Jones "Kat" born in January 16.


Katrina Jones is a adventurer like her father. She mother of 3: Katie, Peter and Ethan and married to a lawyer Austin Jones. Katrina to go on a trip with her 4 friends. They see a big ball of fire shoots through the forest. It caused the Katrina and the girls to fall into the river. Katrina hits her head. She drowns into the water. Few days later, Katrina wakes up. She swims up the shore. She looks for friends and calls their names. Katrina goes to look for them. She founds Nikki unconcious in mud puddle. She wakes her up. Katrina and Nikki goes to look for the rest of them. She founds them in a lake. They tried to escaped. Until she discover a world that will change her life.

The Lost WorldEdit

While traveling through the lost world, Katrina gains supernatural powers. She founds a compass that takes to every lost world ( Time Travel). Katrina can jump very high like the Hulk. Katrina must fight for her life. She travels to every world and fight mystical creatures. She uses her superhuman strengh to fight the creatures. Katrina learns about her father's past. Katrina and the girls  

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